Frequently asked questions

Are there any discount codes or sale events?

No. We keep our prices as low as possible already, to keep it fair for all our customers and to maximise your experience of this site without the use of annoying sale popups. We do not have a newsletter, do sale events or offer discount codes. If you see anything related to this by a third party, it is not genuine.

However, if you’re local (in or around Exeter, Devon, UK) and want to order a t-shirt from us directly, feel free to get in touch and save at least £3 on delivery charges.

Do you have a phone number I can contact?

Unfortunately not at this time. We are a husband and wife duo who operate this business in our spare time, so we still have day jobs to attend to!

How much is shipping?

For now we only ship to the United Kingdom, and shipping costs can vary from around £3 upwards, depending on the amount of items ordered. The price of shipping will be shown during the checkout process.

Do you have a company registration number?

Not yet! Because this is a new startup done in our spare time, we do not yet meet the requirements or have any benefit to becoming a limited company.

Why does the packaging say the product came from outside the UK?

Even though the company and design process is based in the UK, we use various factories in Eastern Europe to fulfil the production and construction of our apparel. This is due to there being few countries in the world that can create the fabric composition needed for high performance clothing. Contrary to popular belief, price is not always the main reason.

Even though our t-shirts come from outside the UK, profit made from our sales help to pay the wages of UK illustrators and textile fashion designers who create our unique designs.

I have an idea for a t-shirt design

Nice! If you’re an illustrator or fashion designer that wants to collaborate, get in touch. We may be able to come to an arrangement where you make a portion of the profit from each t-shirt sold with your design on it. Get in contact at to find out more.

How ethical are your t-shirts?

Creating t-shirts that consider affordability, high performance and high ethics is a balancing act. The only downside to our process is that our t-shirts do not use 100% recycled material. But, on the upside, our t-shirts are only made when an order is placed, so the wastage that comes from bulk buying stock is avoided.

Also, even though our t-shirts are competitively priced compared to the same quality you get from other retailers, the factories we use are based in Eastern Europe and pay their staff a living wage. And the fashion designers we use are based in the UK, and we pay them whatever charges they request to get the job done.